Power sweeping:

We are trained specialists in “Power Sweeping”. Developed in the USA and Germany this is the most advanced method of sweeping flues. It is clean and effective, removing considerably more soot and tar than other methods.


Sweeping certificates

After each sweep we issue an insurance approved sweeping certificate. Many insurance companies stipulate that chimneys are swept and certificates issued in order for your insurance to remain valid. You may also require a sweeping certificate in order to maintain a stove, liner or chimney system warranty.


Reasons to sweep:

• to prevent house and chimney fires;

• to reduce the risk of dangerous fumes, such as carbon monoxide;

• to assist the efficient burning of fuel;

• Some landlords have a legal obligations to have the flue swept annually.



Frequency of sweeping

This depends on several factors including: Type of fuel, appliance used, duration of use, moisture content of wood fuel, type of chimney.

The sweeping frequencies set by the Scottish fire service below are for guidance only:

• Smokeless coals: at least once a year;

• Wood Quarterly: when in use;

• Coal Quarterly: when in use;

• Oil and Gas: once a year.


Advice given

We can give advice about your chimney and work with you to resolve any problems with your appliance.