We carry out surveys using the most up to date equipment. We carry various CCTV cameras including Wholer pan and tilt.

We carry out survey for Historic building trusts, local authorities, private individuals and others


Some reasons to survey:

• Problem solving
• In order to ensure a chimney is not leaking any harmful gases.
• Prior to purchasing a new property.
• After a chimney fire to ensure there is no damage.
• Landlord’s meeting their “duty of care” responsibilities to their tenants.
• In order to support an insurance claim.


Some of the processes involved:

• Visual inspection and measurements
• Pressure sealed smoke test – to test for leakage.
• CCTV internal survey.
• Confirm construction and dimensions of chimney.
• Stack pot and cowl inspection, with digital photos documenting any faults.
• Detailed written report with photo or video documentation.